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Dale Simpkins

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Jumped in the Range Rover this morning, about to take a load of junk to the tip, been promising the sandbag for months to get rid of it! Turn the key, rrrr rrrr rr, flat battery, Rangie dead! Grrrr! Had to take the Golf to the tip, so now that needs cleaning inside and out, plus need to get the Rangies battery on charge, and hope it's not finally died! There was me planning to install the new souper dooper new speakers in the camper van and all, Grrrr, and double Grrrrr!!! :angry:

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Dab nabbit ;)

Dab nabbit indeed! Golf is now clean inside and out, Rangie battery is on charge, and I did manage to make a start on my speaker pods for the Camper. I even got one speaker partially mounted in the van. Feeling less Grrrr now! :)

Battery terminals were covered in a crust of blue/white crystals. Think the battery may be on it's last legs and may be leaking acid. I've cleaned up the battery terminals with emery paper, and covered them with copper grease. We'll have to see what the battery is like once the charger has finished charging it!

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