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  1. There is a buyers guide for 2 door Range Rovers on the Range Rover Register forum. Link to it is here:- 2 Door Range Rover buyers guide You will need to register for the forum in order to be able to view it though!
  2. Link to Nemesis info Dreaming of Dakar
  3. Also, it's rumoured that Bowler will be testing two of their new Bowler Nemesis vehicles (based on Range Rover Sport) in the Dakar this year.
  4. Having suffered from the Zenith warped carb problem myself, I'd tend to agree with Les. Is there a tech thread on this forum for fixing this?, or is it still on the old forum?
  5. Ramblers cautioned over berry theft I just saw this on our local news, what it doesn't say in the web article is that the Rambler took the berries from bushes that were on private property. I thought the Ramblers attitude stank. I'm sure if someone went onto his property he'd be upset!
  6. Comet, link here R/C Disco3 Looks like they've come down by a tenner unless that's an online only price.
  7. Shame you're not a bit closer to Bristol. The college I work for have a dedicated transport technology faculty that has superb facilities. I've done a couple of courses with them, one on car restoration, and another in welding. I know they also do courses in bodywork prep and spraying. The TT department train apprentices for Porsche among others. College Website and online prospectus
  8. WPA2/PSK is the highest level of wireless security available for home use. If your kit doesn't already support it, I suggest you upgrade the firmware/drivers so that you can run it. The latest wireless cracking tools are now breaking WPA/PSK as well as the former standard WEP. Roaming from one access point to another can be a pain. At work we use wireless domain services on all access points. This allows us to pass the client's (laptop) authentication credentials from one access point to another. Works a treat. We've even got it working between different buildings. Unfortunately I don't think any domestic wireless kit supports this service at present.
  9. You might want to try a piece of software called Netstumbler Netstumbler download It allows you to carry out a wireless survey and fine tune your wireless setup. You will be able to see if there are other wireless networks in the area, and what radio channels they are using, so that you can pick a different channel to avoid interference. You can also look at signal quality and strength, and use that to find the best location for your router. Just bung it on a laptop and take a wander round the house. Also remember to ensure optimum performance, the aerials on the router need to be vertical (either pointing up or down) If they are at a angle or horizontal then this will effect the range too.
  10. I've seen the ad, not impressed, some bird in a frock with mud on the hem, and not a Land Rover to be seen!
  11. Forget IE7, Firefox, and Opera, you all need this! MS Firefox
  12. Have you checked that the water pump is working? If the heater matrix is cold, perhaps the pump is not circulating the coolant properly? Also you could check the hoses, perhaps one has collapsed internally and is restricting the flow of coolant? Dale.
  13. Oh dear! She should have just upgraded the Golf to the new Mk.5 version. Handles superbly, is cheaper than the BMW, and IS front wheel drive (unless you go for the four wheel drive four-motion version)
  14. You need your eyes testing me thinks, looked like a Series I to me. 86" or 88" as it did not have sloping B posts like an 80".
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