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Replacing ABS wheel sensor


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Before getting dirty, this time I am going to research exactly what I need and what I need to do before undertaking a 'simple' job!!! (out of character for me)

I've had a look in the workshop manual and it says "ABS sensor is supplied fitted to the wheel hub must not be removed", well it doesn't say MUST NOT be removed!!

Surely there must be a way of removing the sensor without removing the brake disc, releasing the wheel hub and all the hours of turmoil that goes with it to replace a natty plug?????

I'm sure someone has done this 3 or 4 times and has some tips on 'How to replace the ABS sensor in under 20 minutes' [1 spanner job] ...... please??? :(

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If it is like the old ones it probably just pulls out and is just a tight sliding fit in the hole (ooer) so if you can get a pair of pliers on the back of it (mind the lead) give it a heave and see what happens. I think somebody at work had one out a while back but I didn't see it, if it is B****ered then you ain't got much to lose.

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