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2.5 n a d

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Advise needed,

I have the head off a 2.5 n a d and when I had a look at the piston tops I have noticed what looks like a single hair line crack in all four pistons running from the the combustion V point to the top edge of the four pistons. Each crack is almost in the same place on each piston.

I know it will not be easy for someone to tell me the extent of the cracks, but has anyone seen this happen before and would it be ok to build the engine back up and hope for the best running wise?

Can the pistons be taken out by not removing the engine?

I do welcome advise and realise it is up to me if I act on it. :(

Should have mentioned the engine had been over heated

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You can drop the sump, undo the big end cap nuts, remove the caps and then push the piston/conrod out the top of the bores.

T/D engines have a habit of cracking, but not N/A. The cracks will eventually get bigger, so it's best to replace them sooner, rather than later. There's no way of knowing how long they will last. New piston kits are about £40 each.


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Thanks again guys.

I am not too sure what I will do. I have four used spare pistons from another engine with rings on them. The bores they came out of looked pretty good and the side walls on the pistons look ok. I will clean these up and check them further.

I know new piston kits are only £40, but times 4 it is a not a good time. As we all know.

If anyone reading this thinks it is a bad practise to stick second hand pistons in would you please advise. :unsure:

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I think I will give the second hand pistons a go and when things pick up I want to go for a 200tdi engine. Hopefully the n a d will last that long. Maybe even a galvanised chassis. Now where would I get a printing press, ink and paper the size of £100 zzzzzzzzzzzz

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