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Rock Sliders


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My better half got me some rock sliders for the Camel for Chrimbo, and at the weekend I FINALLY got around to haveing at crack at fitting them. :o

The sliders are Britpart ones, and to be quite blunt, they are pants! :huh: They are all welded up nicely, and have a lovely powder coated finish, but all the brackets were in the wrong places! :blink:

So rather than send 'em back and potentially not have 'em fitted for another 6 months, I decided to chop off all the mounts and weld 'em back on in the corrcet position. :lol: No problem after a bit of modification, they now fit perfectly!

So this begs the question.... is my 110 wonky, or are Britpart rock sliders really that bad??? :ph34r:

Anybody else had the pleasure of fitting them to a 110?


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