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Td5 - flashing dash lights , no start etc


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A friend of mine has a 2000 Td5 which was parked up for about 2 months .

Battery was flat , recharged it and it started on Sat .

Left it running for a while to warm up / dry out - heard a strange noise : starter had engaged by itself .

Since then :

(a) has only started a few times - and starter engages on its own ;

(B) when key is removed all dash lights come on and flash on and off sometimes ;

© hazard lights only work intermittently ;

(d) dash lights also come on sometimes when door is opened ;

Any ideas - sounds like problem could be caused by dampness/condensation but where ?

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Serious condensation/dampness has got into the steering wheel housing/column and is shorting out the circuits. Disconnect battery and keep on drying out the vehicle.

I had a similar problem when I spilled my morning commute coffee over the steering wheel......................don't ask!!

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