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Tyres what have you and are they good offroad


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not the best pic but i had the same dilema , didnt want to loose rear visability , so made a ''wheel well'' that is sunk in to the floor , the A frame doesnt really move very much so tons of room under there , if you want more pics let us know can take some friday and pm them to you



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10.5? OR 11.5?

Are they good offroad?


mine are the 10.5 they are great off road just wish you could get them in 35"-36" did a challenge in buxton a few months ago and quite a few of the wider tyres strugled down on the bottom field i didnt get stuck once down there

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Re your PM :)

I have 34x10.50x16 JT2s

They are good off road, better if aired down,

Good in mud, sand,.... not 'too clever' on wet grass on say climbing up a cross slope

Decent manners on the road considering,

NOT as grippy as a ET Simex, but neither do they trash drivetrains as easily

or dig huge holes, better than a ET on sand, basically they are a military type Bar Grip with additional thread

VERY Strong sidewalls, and if I didn't have these then what would I have ?

Well, bearing in mind I need some road manners with the BHP I have (and the soft suspension)

I don't know, better IMHO tyres off ropad are the simex ETs (and the copies such as fedimas),

Boggers, MaxiCrosses and maybe even the anacondas.....

...but... I would prob " Eeeek exit hard left" on a bend soon after fitting :lol:

Thats why I have these, and nothing "Off Road Grippier" - there are tyres but not for me



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