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1991 range rover brake diagram needed, Brakes not working on Hybrid


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Does anyone have a 1991 range rover brake diagram they can scan and send to me or post on here is possible

having problems with my brakes on the hybrid,

im running, rangy axles and brakes on a 90 servo and i can't seem to keep any pressure on the brakes resulting in poor performance, they are all newly piped so it may be i haven't done something or fitted something for the servo to work from the defender to the range rover.

ny help appreciated.


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If the RR was not ABS (don't know when it changed) then the front calipers would have been dual circuit.

How have you achieved dual circuit with a 90 master cylinder? Again I don't know the 90 set-up.

A basic description based on what I know for the 1987 is the rear are tee'd on the top of the rear axle. They are supplied from the primary circuit via a brake pressure compensating valve (which will be all wrong for your hybrid and needs replacing with an adjustable one). The primary circuit is supplied from the rear of the master and branches to both front calipers and to the pressure compensating valve.

The secondary circuit comes from the front of the master and splits for both the front calipers.

On the front caliper the single bleed nipple at the top is primary and the two nipples lower down and out to the sides are the secondary. what is not clear is which pipe is which as they both go into the caliper side by side.


ETA Looks like the primary comes down as the upper flexy in the bracket on top of the caliper then goes to the outermost inlet.

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