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  1. Steering adjustment - opinions please

    Am I correct in thinking this is a Disco 1? So much the same set up as the RRC with no split or bolt, just a big washer & nut to hold the drop arm on the steering box output shaft & (sometimes!) needs dynamite to get it off the box? Park the vehicle with wheels pointing straight ahead. Remove the drop arm from the steering box and the drag link (the one that goes from the drop arm to the nearside wheel) Centre the steering box - this is important! Refit the drop arm in the straight ahead position aligning the master spline on the drop arm with the appropriate one on the box output shaft - you have a choice of 4 at 90 degrees to each other. Better idea of them here, they're the wide ones: www.tapatalk.com/groups/landytown/resealing-a-power-steering-box-t10507.html You might need to adjust the length of the drag link. If the steering wheel is now on the tiddle remove & refit - don't forget to slacken off but leave the centre nut on the shaft when pulling the steering wheel so it doesn't suddenly come off & smack you in the face! ETA. For some reason the link only works if I cut & paste & open in a new window.
  2. P38 gearbox issue , slipping in drive .

    Most likely failed Clutch Pack 'A'. Common issue with the ZF4HP22 boxes. This might be of interest: http://bmwe32.masscom.net/moswald/zf4hp22_rebuild/zf4hp22_rebuild.html http://www.cowdery.org.uk/zf.php Ashcroft advise replacement reconditioned box. "My Autobox is now only able to select reverse. Why? Your A clutch (forward drive) has failed and you will require a replacement autobox."
  3. In the main vehicle manufacturers don't make their own parts. They will buy in from one or other of the specialist manufacturers to spec. They may change the supplier from time to time & parts may be varied to deal with identified problems - I last had this with a Peugeot head gasket. The genuine had changed from composite to a MLS but the others were still composite. The MLS addressed a particular oil leak issue. The parts manufacturers will also sell the parts to other resellers & will sell them under their own labelling as well. Some high volume parts will be copied by other parts manufacturers & these 'pattern' parts may not be of the same quality or dimensions as the original. Couple of examples. Valeo are a major supplier of clutch components to car manufacturers. A genuine Renault dealer supplied clutch will come in a nice box with Renault logos plastered all over it. When you open the box you will find 'Valeo' marking on the components. You can buy the same Valeo clutch cheaper from motor factors, but it won't come in a box with Renault logos. I worked in a factors in the 70s & amongst the stuff we sold were panels. We sold Mini wings & your choice was genuine BL or an alternative make. The alternative was half the price & was made on press tools the BL had chucked out as worn out of tolerance. The genuine fitted perfectly & the alt fitted where it touched & needed time spent adjusting. I will avoid cheapie parts & for certain items which are safety critical and/or require a lot of work to replace will only buy from a franchised dealer.
  4. What is the black mastic LR use?

    Do a Google search for 'butyl sealant strip'. Arbo will come up as will many others. Comes in various sizes. I use the round strip for sealing weather shield plastic sheets door frames. Sticks like the proverbial but you can get things apart if necessary - although as said above it's messy!
  5. Causes for loss of wheel?

    Many years ago a friend & I were on a dual carriageway just outside London when we were overtaken by a wheel. Followed shortly after by a Ford Capri on 3 wheels. O/S/R was the one that had passed us. The outer drum was still attached to the wheel & the end of the shaft had a lovely crystalline fracture. IIRC the car was less than a month old. Be interesting to see what the examination gives as the actual cause of the Disco wheel loss.
  6. rubber gaskets

    The original ones were made of cork but replaced later by the rubber ones. Used both on my RRC & it's currently on the rubber ones which are very good.
  7. Range Rover Classic Swivels

    You'll find one-shot stays in a lot better than EP.
  8. Engine wobble

    That it clears & doesn't happen when warmed up would make me lean towards a duff glowplug.
  9. Painting panels separately?

    No reason why you can't paint all the panels separately. Did this with my RRC - complete respray over several days a few years ago during a hot period. Only panel I took off & did inside was the bonnet, partially to enable the removal of the decker panel & partly to avoid anything falling from the sky whilst I was painting it! You MUST buy enough colour coat to do the whole car & keep it in one container for uniformity. If you have to buy it in litre tins buy a 2.5 or 5 litre tin & tip it all in. This will avoid any slight variations. Mine's Cypress Green metallic & I had no panel to panel shade issues. IIRC I bought 2.5 litres of basecoat ( the colour) & I've still got a bit left - I was repainting the same colour & not a colour change & I don't know how much you would need if dong a colour change as you may need to paint the door shuts etc if they are coour painted on yours & not the black as mine. I buy 2k clearcoat by the 5 litre clear/2.5 litre hardener so used what I already had to hand. The basecoat was Lesonal SB, a solvent base which is still available. I SMART repair professionally so had a pretty good idea that it would be doable & know what I'm doing with a spraygun which helps! Sound old paint properly prepared makes a very good undercoat. I made use of a customer's workshop (a caravan dealer who I do quite a bit of caravan body repairs for) to do the roof so I could get the whole car inside & used a couple of their big stepladders.
  10. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Fingers crossed!
  11. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    ^^^^^ You've nothing to lose & that's worth a try. I'd drain, refit the oil filter so the seal is back in position & refill with the same oil plus a can of Forte Engine flush & let it sit & idle on the drive for an hour - in your case with something under to catch any oil being ejected - or so before draining & refilling
  12. Russian Microcat online off-line?

    This one works fine for me: http://new.lrcat.com/
  13. RRC 3.5 efi v8 won't run

    Hotwire or flapper? This worth a look to identify what you've got & some suggestions of faults: http://www.carelect.demon.co.uk/rrind.html The flapper ECU can be a PITA. They do come up on ebay, but it's a risk as you don't know whether they're any good. The 4cu is also used on the Rover 3500 SD1. There are several different part numbers & I have a few but all appear interchangeable & that was confirmed by an email I had from Lucas some years ago. There may be minor tune differences but I haven't noticed any running issues on my own car. Conversion to hotwire is usually suggested as a good idea but I've no idea how to do it. Mine's a flapper. In the 20 odd years I've had mine I've had 2 ECU failures. First suddenly started running very rich with clouds of black smoke & the second suddenly started running very rough. I've got LPG & on both occasions switching to it restored normal running pointing to a fuelling issue. Swapping to a known good ECU restored normal petrol running. Last issue I had seemed much the same but was a split in the hose from the ram housing to the extra air valve - ERC9117
  14. Show me your Camping setups

    The trailer for the boat is just out of camera shot.....
  15. Show me your Camping setups

    Can't help with pics of me using it but having borrowed my youngest's carp bed for a week under canvas last year I can thoroughly recommend them for comfort. I'm 6'4 & slim & it's fine for length. I'm borrowing it for another week this summer! It's the one featured in this clip. If you have a big tackle dealer near you you might want to have a look at some of the various carp bivvies as they are usually excellent quality & rather more robust than the usual family stuff as they are used year round.