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  1. Discolored interior trim RRC

    I've used SEM trim paint - not the aerosols, I had the mix-it-yourself variety which came with formulas for various different cars & a set of colour swatches - & found it very good. I got so little call for interior work that I didn't replace it.
  2. Locking wheel nuts that can stand a rattle-gun

    A minor detail I've got some of the bolt type screw-ins , from one of the techies at one of the caravan firms & use them in the way you outlined. I'd not seen the type you've made to go over studs & that's clever.
  3. Locking wheel nuts that can stand a rattle-gun

    Roll the wheel onto the blade of a spade & use your bodyweight to lift the wheel by pressing down on the spade handle. Spade at 90deg to the wheel. Shovel works well as the lips make it a bit harder for the wheel to try & roll.
  4. '88 fuse box replacement help!!

    Worth contacting the seller to see if they will measure it & give you the dimensions incl distance between the mounting holes.
  5. '88 fuse box replacement help!!

    There's usually a small sticky out tag on the terminals which allows you to push them in but not pull them out so once they're in you can push things into the terminal. Look at the main pic here of the one to the side of all the others & you'll see what I mean: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-Way-Bulkhead-Blade-Fuse-Holder-Box-And-Terminals-Land-Rover-OEM-PRC4826-/130873526036 I'd use a thin strip of metal pushed in from the fuse side between the plastic of the holder & the terminal to press the tag in & then pull it out. I've done that on various other connectors. You shouldn't need to slide the strip all the way down as once the tag has passed the small shoulder it should be free.
  6. '88 fuse box replacement help!!

    Can you use your original fusebox by renewing the old metal contacts on the wires?
  7. Which Range Rover to buy

    Is the OP looking for something used for occasional towing - which I would suspect will be the vast majority of users & a revisit says he does less than 5k a year - or in a business involving daily towing of heavy trailers? If the latter I would certainly go with advocating the use of something with a big diesel engine. I do a lot of business with a caravan company that employ several drivers purely for collecting & delivering caravans of all sizes to & from customers & between their retail sites. All use larger engined diesel cars. Petrol costs would be horrid. (That said, one of the owners currently has a supercharged RRS as a toy in addition to his various other cars - and he does occasionally tow with it!) Years ago they did try the P38 Range Rover petrols for moving the vans around - petrol was a lot cheaper then! - but had the block issues with both & haven't touched them since
  8. Which Range Rover to buy

    Incidentally, no good reason why if weight & conditions dictate you can't pull away in low box & then either stop & change back to high OR change from L to H on the move. I do both - even though mine's an auto, but I learnt on manual RRCs. The 'how to' is set out in the owner's factory handbook. Takes a little practice but easily mastered. Low is also very useful for manouvering trailors/caravans in tight spaces. ETA Make sure the linkages are free & not partially seized due to lack of use!
  9. Which Range Rover to buy

    That would be a vertical toroidal tank. I've seen a few pics of those installed in RRC. (I've had a a quick Google, but can't find any - although photobucket did a lot of damage) http://tinleytech.co.uk/complete-lpg-guide/converting-to-lpg/how-to-choose-your-lpg-tank/
  10. Which Range Rover to buy

    miggit said ; "And I hear you say under floor tanks! That is all well and good when you've got a long wheel base and a big chassis, on a standard Classic you'd more likely end up with a reduced size petrol tank, and having to fill up every 150 miles.... which is the very last thing that you want to do when towing!" Not so. Not a problem fitting sill tanks to a standard Classic - certainly the coil sprungs. I don't know whether there would be minimum ground clearance with air sprung when the suspension is all the way down That's how mine are fitted & the standard petrol tank is unaffected. Car empty or fully loaded with trailer I get around 180 miles to a full fill of LPG which is the cost equivalent of a V8 doing around 26/27 on a gallon of petrol. ETA I fuel twice on the Leicester to Cornwall run, at J17 Bristol/Catbrain (Shell garage 24/7) & then top-up at Carland Cross. Makes convenient comfort stops!
  11. Bleeding Brakes with ABS HELP!!

    Welcome to the forums. Don't think anyone will know what happened as Briggsy last logged in on October 2nd 2009 & didn't post a result.
  12. Which Range Rover to buy

    Mine's a 1986 3.5EFi, I've had it since 1994 & has been on LPG for years. Under the sill tanks as a big in-car tank would lose too much loadspace. If you're considering a Classic then it either needs to be fully sorted bodywise or you'll be adding a mig to your toolbox! LPG will give roughly the same cost per mile from a V8 that you would get from the factory fit diesels. You can't take an LPG converted car through the Channel Tunnel.

    Ah yes, but what did she do with the hose..... Merry Christmas all.
  14. Extending a bowden cable

    In which case any of these may suit as you can then make up whatever length you need: http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/bowden-cable Or local bicycle shop.