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  1. Just had a load of stuff from Island. Paid by Paypal. Items as ordered & quick delivery. No problems.
  2. The Boge substitute thread is in the Defender forum.
  3. It's in the Modified Vehicle Builds forum:
  4. As you are running a thread on your air suspension mod, any chance of an update on this one please?
  5. Do you find the modified one is now better than when it was on its original system?
  6. Don't be tempted to leave the weather sheet off or fail to stick it back down again. You'll find the footwells fill up with water when it rains if you do.
  7. OP gives the Febi part number as 23563. Currently on ebay for around £40ish each.
  8. From Ashcroft's website: Q. I have a 4sp ZF, when I select "D" the vehicle won't move, when I select "1" the vehicle moves off. I can then select "D" and continue to drive normally. If I stop I have to start in first again. Why? A. A sprag clutch has "inverted" and will need replacing. No further damage will occur if you continue to drive but you will need to select "1" every time to start moving. A rebuild is required to correct this.
  9. Posted this yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. Shows a relay removed & a bridging wire installed instead:
  10. The other cable is indeed the kickdown cable for the auto gearbox. If you have a manual box on the car you don't need it & can ignore it. If it's an auto you do & Ashcroft say you shouldn't run an auto with the kickdown cable disconnected: 'Set up If the vehicle is a Disco I or Range Rover Classic under no circumstances drive with the kickdown cable disconnected, as this will cause premature autobox failure.' Have a read through this thread, esp page 2.
  11. Model & year? Is the garage a general garage or a Land Rover specialist with the appropriate LR specific diagnostic equipment?
  12. Link to LRcat for you:!/1230/76077 If yours is the same as mine - 3.5 EFi with metal tank & low filler - the pump fits into the top of the tank & has a gasket. The pump is held in by a ring of screws. No sealant required. The level sender fits into the side of the tank & has a gasket. Held in by a metal ring which you turn to give a firm fix. No sealant required. The fuel pump pick-up is adjustable for length. I replaced my tank some years ago & didn't realise that. Result was that according to the fuel gauge I was low (but with the old tank would have been fine for at least another 30 miles or so) & according to the engine there was no fuel & I came to a stop about a mile from the petrol station I was going to! I had a chat with the supplier of the tank & we checked the tanks he had in stock. No two were exactly the same measured from the pump hole rim to the bottom of the tank.
  13. Drop arms are fun aren't they
  14. Bit more on shortening trumpets & also mentions the insulating plate you have. (Ginetta G33) "The Range Rover inlet manifold throttle body has a hot water preheat fed from the water pump. Although you might need this in sub zero temperatures, its really not needed in the G33. At low temperatures the manifold is heated to prevent fuel condensing in the inlet tract, but it also has the adverse effect of heating the air and reducing its density. You may have noticed the car performing well on cold damp morning, and the colder air is the reason for this. The simplest thing to do is simply disconnect the two pipes that provide the preheat just under the butterfly valve in the Plenum chamber. The pipe can then simply be looped between the water pump and inlet manifold take off points. Another modification involves fitting a thermally insulating plate between the inlet manifold and the trumpet base and are commercially available form some V8 tuners for around £50. This prevents the heat from the engine traveling up into the plenum chamber, and I have seen figures quoted of an extra 10 BHP when the engine is hot. There is a problem with the G33, that the insulation plates raise the plenum chamber by up to 10mm, and this means it wont fit under the bonnet ! The aftermarket plates are made of Tufnell. Blank sheets available on Ebay for a few pounds." The websites I've looked at which talk about trumpet shortening advise taking the same amount off each trumpet so the relative difference in lengths are maintained. ETA. Link talks about Tufnell, appears to be a spelling error & should be Tufnol