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300 on a 200 chassis


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Are you just 'reboding' a 200 with a 300 body or are you 'rechassing' a 300 with a 200 chassis, but swapping the bodies over.

The identity should (must) follow the chassis. It is more complex than that but that is the basic 'bottom line'.

However, in principal a 300 body should go straight onto a 200 chassis. Certainly the body mounts are all in the same place.

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hi i think the only differance on the body shell was the inner dash panel and the front panel

and some extra holes in the rear floor for rear aircon all the body mounts are the same as both 200 and 300 were built on the same line in B I W

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Did this on my old Discovery after someone crashed into it and drove off :angry:

Originally it was a 2 door 200 series and we fitted it with a 300 series ES body shell. No test required and the insurance company just said if it has an MOT then it's ok by them. Just remember to swap the VIN plate to the new vehicle as the chassis etc is still the same.



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