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DIY V8 oil pump drive tool


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Here it is; should be self explanatory.

Bacically is a 6 mm bolt from some gargen funiture with the head ground off screwed into a round steel bar. This has a slot cut in it, using the angle grinder. Finished off by welding a bit of steel tubing over the end to stop the pump gear drive end from slipping off.

Cheap as chips ... and it works! :P


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Or the robhybrid version, made from an old dizzy drive gear (it was loose, so basically scrap) and a steel rod:


Took Rob about two or three minutes with a drill press and angle grinder (to take the teeth off the gear so it didn't engage with the camshaft gear).

Even cheaper and easier, but only if you happen to have a gash dizzy drive kicking around.

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