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Faulty Headlights


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Since this is nothing to do with the topic I was posting it in I thought I'd better start a new topic. Hoping I'm doing the right thing.

I've got a problem with the headlights. Its turns out I have a wipac one and a lucas one, one must have been broken and replaced cheaply at some point. The wipac one is fine with the new bulbs in, lovely and bright. The lucas one is really super dim, I tried changing back to the old bulb but no difference. It seems from looking in there I can see a metal looking dish covering the bulb inside the headlight. Seems to be the source of the trouble but I don't understand why this has happened as it was fine before I took the old bulb out. The fins are in the correct slots so the rotational position of the bulb is correct.

Basically I'm stumped.

Western: is the earth wire attached & intact ?
The left is getting 11v and the right is getting 12v. these are fairly constant. When the full beam in put on the left light totally goes off. If this is an earth, how is it earthed? The headlight and side light neutral goes into the same black wire and as the side light is working fine I can only assume that is okay.

I'm stuck.

Western: check the attached end at the vertical panel, look through the headlight hole & you'll see the bolt/nut with the earth ring tag under it, clean all the bullet connectors as it maybe just poor connections.
I noticed on the way home that the blue high beam light on the dash comes on okay for the high beam but when you switch back to the dip lights the lights dims but doesn't completely goes out. This seems a bit unusual so I'm starting to wonder about relays but I've not known a relay to go like that.

The wires seems to go down the side of the wing where I cant get to them but I'll have another look today.

Another thing to note was that unplugging the left (dim) light had no effect on anything when I tested the voltage, but when I unplugged the right light the left went out. Seemed odd.

This would only happen as all my driving next week is going to be night time.

Where did you mean by vertical panel? Where are the bullet connectors? As I said I could only see the wires going off down the side of the wing.


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All fixed now. I stuck a wire in the block connector going on to the bulb and then just taped that to the engine and it worked straight away so it was obviously an earth. After pulling the test wire out and sticking the block connector back on the bulb it just miraculously worked, I assume there was some crud in the connector that the test wire poked out.

Cheers for all the help, one more problem solved. Most of the earth connections have been okay so far.

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Well just aboot. Due to the fact the drivers side has been replaced with a wipac the lights are slightly different, the pattern is the same but the light seem to be brighter from a higher angle on the wipac. Oh well. Do LR use Lucas or Perei for their headlights? I'm assuming lucas.

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I may end up replacing both sometime later this year anyway as they are both looking pretty corroded. The Lucas is the worst though. The new bulbs are super, I can see so much better at night now and its nice to have some quality side lights too, something else I don't have to worry about now.

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