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random wires

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Look like Green & Green with brown tracer to me, so for the reverse light switch. if your main gearbox is a LT77 the reverse switch is on the rupper ear face above the transfer box, if it's a R380 it's on the upper left rear corner of the casing

my R380 reverse switch in upper circle & the 2 wires you have in the lower circle.


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would it be that if i dont actually have a reverse light?

If they are the colours I've mentioned then they are reverse light switch wires, doesn't matter that the reverse switch & light aren't fitted to your vehicle, AFA1K 90/110 had reverse lights fitted from the 1st day they came on sale [except for military vehicles], just secure them clear of the prop/transmssion brake so they cannot get caught up in any moving parts. you might find the wires for the light under the left & right rear wheel arch rubber cover flaps on the inside of the rear panels.

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