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oily transfer box


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Got my new truck yesterday and i knew it had a whine in 5th so i had a quick look underneath and the transfer box is very oily at the back

now i know there is a seal of some kind there and i was wondering if its a simple swap or do i need to get another box??

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As above - rear output flange oil seal is the most likely candidate. Fairly simple swap/renew...

The oil may also be coming from the PTO drive cover plate (above and to the left of the brake drum as you look at the rear of the box). I've just had to replace the gaskets on mine...

Another possible leak point is the speedo drive. Fairly simple to remove, renew the seal and o-ring then replace.

Also, it's worth noting that every LR I've had leaks around the top of the box (can't remember what the piece is called but it's where the breather pipe attaches to, I think) and with the air movement underneath the car, the oil seems to go everywhere...



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