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Drum brake 110 salisbury disc brake conversion

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I purchased from ebay the other day a salisbury rear axle for £51. Decided I was going to do a rear disc conversion after reading this thread. All was going good, stripped down to axle tubings and started the rebuild. Was going to use disco rear hubs on the drum brake stub axle as this is the conversion that I thought was done. Looked into it today and realised that you can't fit the rear stub axle from the disco due to a sticky out bit on the back. When lined up with the original stub from the drum brakes, the drum brake stub is alot longer. All well and good until I went to put the rear hub assembly on and realised it won't pull up to the bearings, hence it was a bit like a cat up a back alley. Has anyone got any experience with this type of conversion as I see that 'Delete' hasn't been on the forum since x-mas day. My main questions are what stub should I be using and what hub should I be using?

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You can use the existing stubs with 110 front hubs, I've a set in my garage waiting fitting to my rear axle, if the hubs won't pull up on the existing stubs then use 110 front stubs. in that link the existing drum brake stub axles were used.

So I take it that the disco one are not the same then ?

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if you use front stubs you have to machine the back of them to fit the salisbury axle tube

this is the route i went down as i didn't like the way front hubs fitted on rear stubs

the only downside is that if you have to replace the stubs you have to modify them


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