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Rough Idle


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Maybe there are some landy heads out there who have crossed this bridge, I seem to be crossing it the long way (and expensive) and still haven't managed to sort out the problem being a rough idle once the motor has warmed up. Whats been done so far is as follows:

Cleaned out block, re-faced heads using composite head gasket and new studs. Shifted out the Stepper Motor, new rotor and dizzy cap,new plug leads and plugs (All original) replaced cold start sensor, oh yeah and last and by no means least did a complete rebuild on the auto box.

The plot continues, as recently I met one of the Landy Mecs from Bangkok who unfortunately only visits up here once a month and he mentioned that LR have a modification directive that deals with enlarging the port on the stepper motor, as a must for vehicles in this warm region.

Any one out there have any idea where I can find this report, or any other constructive comments would be greatly appreciated

Best to all from the jungle

Siam Mike

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I'd be interested to see that as well. A new angle perhaps? :rolleyes:

After chasing this problem with varying success (read, tears of joy & tears of frustration :( ) replacing the AFM seems to have finally cured it & have got through one of our hottest Summers since it was replaced in Sept. last, without any dramas.

I have also fitted a heat shield in front of the AFM/MAF to shield against any radiated engine heat especially from the exhaust manifold, & wired the 16" electric fan to run on after engine shutdown until the Intermotor inline thermostat drops it off.

I have always believed heat soak played a large part in this problem, until such time as you can get enough cool air through the trumpet to cool the AFM body to an acceptable level. Protecting it externally also must help.

Right or wrong, that's how it seems to me.

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Many thanks Fridge Freezer& First_Fleet will settle down this evening and start reading. BTW excuse the dimm ness but what is the AFM/MAF? The gardner pinched my workshop manual to light his stove over the Autumn so have no ref until I get back to the UK in April

Best Regards

Siam Mike

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:rolleyes: Sorry, I do that all the time it seems. AFM = Air Flow Meter or MAF = Mass Air Flow meter.

It's the usually silver gizmo between the Air Filter box & the Throttle Body. Has an Electric Multi-plug clipped into it.

Recommend you read the manual as FF said.

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You may find this link to be of some assistance as well.

Rover V8

I have also had a thought re your initial query & wonder if this what you were thinking about?

I now can recall seeing a LR bulletin of some sort waaaaay back, where there was a batch of stepper motor mounting plates which had a casting defect in that the engine side of the plate retained a casting web & therefore caused a restriction. (see the Stepper in the above link for clarity)

It may have even been on the RAVE cd. From memory, apx. 50% of the rectangular engine side opening was blocked by said casting web. It is still a bit hazy but that was a problem area.

Someone on here may recollect that, but somehow I don't believe that is your problem.

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