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Roll Cage Question


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Hi all,

I'm looking for an external cage for my 4 door classic (soon to be a pickup), thanks to this site I've come across Protection & Performance in Skipton which isn't a million miles from me.

Can anybody give me a guesstimate how much they'd want for a cage?

If it's going to be a fortune would a cage with welded bends (assuming good welding!) be strong enough / MSA compliant?

I only ask because I don't have a tube bender!

Many thanks,


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1st off, welded bends are definately not acceptable for MSA and generally not a good idea for cage fabrication. (i.e. don't use them!)

P&P are excellent and will build you what you want. They wont be cheap, but the quality of their work is very good. I would give them a call or pay them a visit and discuss options.

An alternative is North Offroad who are equally excellent, but perhaps a bit further from you.

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