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Front propshaft replacment


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Ok i have a Discovery 98 300tdi manual.

Last week it started to get a vibration from the front end of the drivetrain. Turned out a UJ on the front prop had gone. As I had to be at work the following day and couldnt get hold of any new UJ's, a mate kindly provided me with a spare discovery front prop (identical to the one removed). We checked the spare prop was in good nick, which it was, then fitted it.

Heres the problem, since then in 3rd gear at around 30mph/2500rpm theres a vibation/shudder which i believe is coming from the front axle as it can be felt through the steering wheel. Its more apparent under load, going up hill. I have had the prop back off and checked the universal joints and slpines and they are fine.

Any ideas what it could be?

Much appreciated

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You can check these:

- if the rear yoke on the shaft is 2 splines ahead of the front yoke (that;s what DrRob means by "spline to spline")

- if the mating flanges on both the diff and the transfer box are not damaged (check for eccentricity and run-out).

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Thanks for the feedback,

I have just seperated the two sections of the prop (marked them up) and the spline will only allow the prop to slide together in one particular position. Any other way and it gets jammed and i dont want to force it. it would apperar Cipx2 that it is 2 splines ahead of the front yoke.

As for the flanges. They seem to be fine. No play in them. With the prop in position there is about 0.5" of 'take up' before the diff engages but i think thats normal?

Could it be a chipped tooth in the diff or a problem with the halfshafts?

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