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  1. DrRob

    Crank case breather gone soft

    Are the silicone one better?
  2. https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/rtc-6896-cylinder-head-performance-complete-c2x20634411 Looks nice
  3. Thinking of adding a full width intercooler from Alisport Any comments on boost pins / boost rings?
  4. Thanks for all the replies! Keep the suggestions coming
  5. Any recommendations for a company to carry out a top end overhaul on my 200Tdi? Looking for a reputable and experienced place to remove head, check, overhaul and replace. Proactive maintenance as coming up to 140K miles. I believe Elring composite head gasket is the way forwards. Any experience of just buying a recon head from Turners as a short cut? Thanks in advance for any pointers Rob
  6. DrRob

    Alarm keeps going off

    Any ideas? Randomly going off after locking with blipper. 200tdi with one button fob. Battery is fine....
  7. Reverse lights gone...I bet it's the flaming switch! Pig to do ?
  8. DrRob

    200Tdi rocker cover half moon seals

    Yes, only 1 needed. Ordered a few and some new seat covers to smarten the interior up a bit....the old ones have lasted 10 years and drivers has fallen to bits ?
  9. DrRob

    200Tdi rocker cover half moon seals

    https://www.lrdirect.com/ERR765-Rocker-Cover-End-Plugs-200-Tdi/ £77 for Genuine Must be a typo....?
  10. DrRob

    200Tdi rocker cover half moon seals

    If it leaks, I'll buy the dearer ones
  11. DrRob

    200Tdi rocker cover half moon seals

    Have gone for the cheaper ones - not paying over £7 for a small bit of mounded rubber
  12. DrRob

    200Tdi rocker cover half moon seals

    Great, thanks! Have orderd a genuine gasket and some half moons from Paddocks plus some other bits to get free delivery >£50
  13. Any tips on fitting them? Long story but front one was missing and it's peed oil out over front of engine. Do I fit the new one in with sealant? If yes, what type? Same question for rocker cover gasket.... TIA Rob
  14. DrRob

    Tow vehicle

    Oops! Missed that

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