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300 tdi wiring

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So then, going through the attached pdf, it's a great reference if you are starting from the ground up....

Now im not gonna fit an alarm or immobilizer, so you think I can skip Link 1.

That will make sense if you download and look at the power distribution page.

(also you might find the answer to Westerns question in here)


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Hello mate,

You can't omit link 1 - not if you want lights to work - link 1 provides supply to light switch and dim dip system. Link 1 is in the fusebox underbonnet adjacent the heater box on a 300tdi. Check out page 20 exterior lights.

Not sure what you're trying to achieve and from what starting point - if you let me know I'll try and help.

Thanks for posting the 300Tdi diagram very useful, only had the paper ones until now and they don't show half of it.



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Well im starting from scratch, chassis upward, Don't have anything and the donor vehicle was a TD that I don't have any part left of (well except the roof sides and rear tub, which can go to a good home for £25 / token gesture)

However I will get some sort of wiring harness as im fitting a 2.8TGV engine, so I need either one for a 300tdi, or the one that comes with the engine, don't know yet?

Yep, just checked that out, your right, I guess at junction A15, the one going off to the switch lighting & resistor Dim is the link I need to keep.

But then I guess the others I can skip as they all look alarm related, also means I can skip the whole of page 3.1 that looks more colourful...

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