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td5 vibrations

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hi there just bought myself a 02 110 double cab and on taking it home it seems to have a vibration when really on the beans and when sat at 60ish any thoughts???

it does have a hurricane chip(twisted performance), larger cooler and a veeeery nice sounding straight through exhaust to the back box. the vibration seems to heavy to be anything to do with uprated bhp, although iv not much experince with these engines at all so id like a grown up to maybe suggest points of interest.... please, with a cheery on top. i might see if i can collar GBMUD as hes round the corner from me see what he thinks and knows the td5.

am i write in thinking/remembering that they have a dual mass flywheel, could this be the cause hard to desribe so i might well be p*ssing in the wind but thought id ask

cheers guys


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Could be a prop shaft UJ on its way out, I've had a couple go that way, first time I ignored it and knackered the rear diff input seal and bearing - worth checking anyway.

Might be an idea to try and get a feel for the frequency of the vibration to see how it relates to the speed of the various bits whizzing round and round.

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