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Gearbox leak

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Hi all,

I had a nice surprise this morning of noticing a small puddle of ATF on my drive :( So i crawled under and had i look and took a picture its an lt77s by the way:


It seems to be leaking from somewhere and running down and dripping off the drain plug and the transfer box cover bolts. The gearbox was rebuilt about 2000 miles ago so i would be surprised if it was the mainshaft seal, does anyone have any ideas of simple things i can check? (the drain plug is tight so dont think its that)

thanks in advance

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Best way is to clean it off and then keep an eye out for where it's coming from ( a can of Brake and clutch cleaner will blast it off). If it's the gear/trans box mating point, then the gearbox seal is leaking here-


Transfer box off I'm afraid :( pop the old seal out and press a new one in. A bead of silicone in a continual line around one of the mating faces will help as well. If you just silicone it, then it's possible that the gearbox oil might find it's way into the transfer box, which you'll know nothing about until it's too late.

I'm pretty sure the oil seal is part number FRC4493 or FRC2365 - dependant on suffix number.


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you put that a hell of a lot better than i just did, i've been browsing microcat to see if i could find a decent picture to show which seal i meant, but a photo is a lot better :)

it's ATF coming out the back of the gearbox :(


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should i put a self tapper in the seal and then pry the seal out?

Yes, but take care not to damage the alloy housing nearby. You'll feel the drill 'pop through' the seal, so be prepared for it and go no further. Screw a self tapper in and then yank the seal out.


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