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Paint and Primer


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I am in the process of getting my RR ready for paint and my query is can acid etch primer be used on steel as well as alloy and areas where the old paint is not down to bare metal. Do I just primer the bare metal areas then flat and put on a top coat. Will I need more than one top coat It looks a bit patchy but is smooth to the finger tips at the rub down stage. I dont want to buy 2 types of primer if I dont have to. I will use semi gloss black I am not after a showroom finish but I want it to look reasonable.

What is the best way to patch a hole in the door bottoms. I have a welder (lucky me) I would like to have it level with the good surface. Will it just need fillered after welding?

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yes acid etch for example acid 8 can be used on both steel and alloy and does have a fairly good build to it although if you are painting over a repair you will almost definatly need a high build primer.

another option is to by a high build primer and use for everything buy thin it a little more for less needy areas.

depending on the paint you may find you get an edge using acid etch where the preped paint edges are, which a high build may cover or just need a light flat to remove.

out of interest what grade paper is it finished with.

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The door skins are alloy i believe wrapped around a steel frame and bottom? so to weld you will need alloy wire and suitable gas if using a mig.

If welding then heat warping of the panel might occur and therefore you will end up using filler so I would consider using non-welded repairs with rivets and filler instead s there is no strength need for door skin repairs.

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I have not got the stage of final rub down yet. I have been at it with an orbital sander 180 grade and I am not sure what to finish with. I will judge it better at the Autofactors maybe 600 or 800? Can I finish with the orbital or would it be to harsh on the metal? Can high build be used instead of etch?

I do have a patch pop rivited on one door bottom and I suppose if all were done the same it should look ok not that they all need patches mind. Cant wait to get it on the road, (big child or what). I will be using the RR for some light offroading.

Again thanks for the info it is a big help.

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yes high build can be used instead of etch if you are using high build you can dry sand using 320-400 and high build will cover it depending on how it goes on, it may need a sand itself before the top coat using 500 dry or 800 wet.

as for the top coat if you are using 2k you will need 2 coats if you do base coat and laquer you need ruffly 2-3 layers of base coat and 2 of laquer.

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