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Roof rack storage boxes ...

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Hi guys,

Any of you know where I can get a proper storage box for a roofrack (Haniball in this case)? I've seen the checker-plated. very secure, slight sloped in front type boxes at Billing ... but never did make any enquiries.

Paging throught the Landy mags, I see Frogs Island's 90 has such a box, but they don't make it themselves.

Cheers for the help.


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The experience so far with Patriot Roof Racks has been painfull

Really? That is VERY surprising! When I was there for my rack fitting, Paul personally got involved manufacturing & adapting some parts for me.

I was just there today for a meeting, and as usual left feeling great about the project.

How heavy duty do you need this top box to be? Maybe you can use a aluminium box from HERE and just bolt it down?

I have one of the smaller ones at the front of my rack, that holds the shower skirt for my RTT.


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What do you want to put on a roofrack? I ask because with a roofrack and a rooftent on my 110 the handling/body roll is dreadful. If I could avoid having a roofrack I would, and if i could not avoid one i would be putting as light a load up there as possible.

I am always astonished at people who choose to transport all their fuel and water up there! OK, a fuel spill inside is undesirable but with good precautions it is very unlikely and fuel/water stored on the floor will have far less negative impact on handling. Remember that the maximum load for a LR roof is 75kg, including the roofrack.


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Chris, as I am doing this trip in a 90, space is a luxury to me obviously! You personally know how I to & fro'd on the trailer option, but I decided against it.

....thus, having a roofrack is my only way. Sure, my RTT weighs a ton, but I try not to keep anything heavy up there alongside it. I have a couple of EMPTY jerry cans in a holder, for those times when I need a helluva lot of range, other than that I am currently fitting a water tank in the rear load space, that sits very neatly behind the bulkhead, and takes up next to no room.....hence my meeting with Paul at Patriot - he is manufacturing the shelving/storage system back there.

An auxillary fuel tank is currently under discussion too (Safari Equip) so both my fuel & water weights are kept nice and low.

The only other thing I keep on my rack is this aluminium box I recommended. It holds the shower skirt bit of my tent.

Saying all this, I do actually agree with you on having a roofrack! If there was any other way of carting around the gear I need for a one year expedition without having to use a rack, I would do it.

As it is, I very briefly contemplated building a 110 crew cab with a 300 tdi engine (which would be awesome!) but it would just mean that the trip gets postponed AGAIN.

A 90 with a fairly heavy rack it is then.


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