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SCOR Comp Safari

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They're only advised this year - will be compulsory next year. Not sure of the exact dimensions off the top of my head (it's in the blue book) but they need to be more or less the size of a flippin' garage door. Max of 10cm off the floor, and min 4cm either side of wheel, IIRC. There's something in there about material thickness too.

Of the people that have changed them for this year, I can't think of one person who has got beyond about lap 3 with them still attached to the car, still, rules is rules, and where would be be if we had no rules? (to quote Al Murray).


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The key to stopping them getting ripped off might be to do what I have done (and most of the Rally Raid boys do - with the same FIA regs):


And have some straps that hold them up out of the way when the going gets rough. Its in the spirit of the rules!

Here's a link to the Blue Book if you don't have the latest:


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Cheers everyone!

Mine got ripped off on the last safari i managed to get to so thought if i'm putting new ones on i may as well do it to the new rules how ever silly they may be! i've got some thick conveor belt

Henry, Thats what i was planning to do! What are yours held up with chain? or a bar?

Also i see you have allmakes on the side of your disco, do you race on their remote resovoir shocks?

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They are held up with 1" wide tie down straps. I don't have a better pic at the mo I'm afraid.

I don't actually race on the Terrafirma remote reservoir shocks, because we rebuilt all the suspension just before they introduced them. I am using 2.5" Milner Varidamps. Chalk and cheese from the twin ProComps that have served me well for many years! If the Terrafirma had landed just a few months earlier I reckon we would have tried them.


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Cheers mate,

I have fox's on my racer like you say chalk and cheese,

But i have the terra firma's on my road car, as i do quite alot of randonne's in france, obviously not as rough as racing but they get a good caning!

but am in the process of building a new racer so was contemplating the terra firma's for that as well, I don't wanna build it all and wished i'd put fox's on with tomcat mounts as would be alot of work to add afterwards!

will do some investigating!

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