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+2'' Spring Question


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I have searched but to no avail, question I have is are the Bearmach +2'' HD Front Springs handed?

I fitted a new pair approx 6 months ago and there were no obvious markings or instructions included, so I took them to be identical and just fitted them! :o

I have been experiencing a number of steering problems (including no self centering, loads of play etc) so was wondering, if they are handed, and I have them fitted the wrong way around could this be causing the steering problems I have??

If so, by looking at them is there anyway of telling if they're the right way or the wrong way around?!

Many thanks

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By raising the suspension you alter the steering castor angle. This is shown by the reduced self centering of the steering. This is why there are radius arms with to correct the castor angle or offset bushes for the radius arms.

The vagueness and play could be any number of things as mentioned previously. I'd start with all the track rod ends, especially at the pas box drop arm.

Any steering vibration at approx 50mph I'd check the swivel housing preload.

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