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Freelander aircon leaking bright green fluid!


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I have a '55 plate freelander TD4 and the other day i noticed a bright green fluid leaking from underneath the bonnet. I initially thought it was coolant being green but after having a good look around the leak was from one of the aircon pipes which run under the rad at the front. The leak is from an aluminium pipe and is right under a bracket which holds the pipe to the chassis right smack bang in the middle of the car under the rad.

To me it looks like the pipe has either corroded or was weak at that point and i think it's worth having Land Rover look at it as a manufacturing defect. The car is out of warranty now but i've never heard of an aluminium pipe corroding after 3.5 years and the underside of the car is totally covered with a plastic belly pan so it can't be a stone thats hit it and the leak is under a bracket anyway.

I've spoken to Land Rover customer services about this as i know my local dealership will just say it's out of warranty and there's nothing they can/will do, in all fairness to them they did say book it into your local dealer and let us know where and when and they will follow it up so fingers crossed.

I haven't booked it in yet but will today but in the mean time does anyone know why the fluid was bright green? and has anyone experienced this same fault?


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probably caused by the retaining clip not being tight & chaffing the pipe till it split open.

The clip did feel tight when i had a look but i guess slight movement over time would be enough, however, with it being secured to the chassis it shouldn't move at all because it has rubber sections of pipe built in which would absorb any movement. Anyway, i'm fairly convinced there is a strong case here against Landrover so i'll take my chances and get it booked in. The cost to repair the job is over £360! so it's worth a try.

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