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Bulkhead Bolts


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On my hybrid I have rock sliders that are bolted to the front cross member via the bulkhead bolt. What appears to be original bolts, I have approx. 5mm thread left.

Now I'm installing the bulkhead uprights inside the front fender for the external roll cage. Obviously the original bolts (MRC9420, M12 x 180) are now too short, so I'm wondering how much longer should I go? Would 200 mm be long enough or should I buy longer? What length are you guys using on your prepared vehicles?



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If you currently have 5mm to spare, add the thickness of the cage upright (no more than 1/4" thick I wouldn't have thought) plus a decent washer to go under the nyloc nut.

You may get away with 190 long but with 200 you can always add an extra washer or two .

Remember to buy high tensile bolts for this application.

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