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New squeak noise coming from gear box/ rear prop area

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Well driving along today and another noise has started its not all the time but when it does happen its normaly when i put the clutch in and out.

Sometimes it stays on while driving but will go away for somereason. The noise is sort of like metal spinning around loose and then hitting somthing and then sliding across it. Kinda like dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot over and over again so its not a continious noise.

I was thinking it could be the clutch on its way out seeing as its sometimes slips at full power, or possably the rear prop shaft it looks like its on its way out also. But them again there is a lot of play in the transferbox and i do hear a clung now and again when changing direction aka forward to backwards.

Anyone have any ideas? or possably this has happened to you?

Thanks keith.

Also got a 120 miles trip tomorow to get home so was wondering if its safe to drive on :(

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I had a rear shock absorber pull through the eye at the bottom, and it made that sort of noise, from the end of the shock just touching the wheel rim, then sometimes just moving slightly away. Might also be a stone caught in a disc shield if you have any


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