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ticking 300tdi


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I have a problem with my 300TDI... A few weeks ago I lost servo assistance on my brakes. So I bought a new Wabco vacuumpump from Paddocks.

No servo is back, but..... A few days later my TDI started to develop a ticking noise starting at around 2000~2500 RPM.

It does sound a bit like a vacuum pump tick, but how big are the chances that a new one breaks within two days???

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Have you used the search faciility on here? I remember the same question a number of times.

I developed a tick on an ex-300tdi of mine. Turned out to be a valve stem collet or whatever their called. Cost a few pence and a 10min job.

Take the rocker cover off and check to see if their all in place.....


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