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Defender Puma at Altitude

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I own a Defender Puma which I purchased new in Chile in June of last year. On a trip to La Paz in Bolivia earlier this year there was a noticeable reduction in power and some evidence of exhaust smoke while crossing the Altiplano at 4000m plus but otherwise the engine ran well. The day after arrival in La Paz at around 3600m with the engine cold it smoked heavily from the exhaust on start up with a marked reduction in power, both symptoms improving as the engine reached normal operating temperature.

Any observations or suggestions with regard to alterations or modifications that should be made for high altitude operation would be appreciated.

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To be honest I doubt whether there are any real improvements for this - the engine tune probably compensates for altitude as best it can and at the end of the day, less air = less power and 4000m is a long way up! It would be worth checking the obvious i.e. air filter clean, no restrictions in the intake and that the AFM is working properly.

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Have you tried working hard at 4000m, it is seriously difficult!

Height sudddenly makes a massive difference to the amount of air around

2000m ~ 80% of sea level

3000m ~ 71% of sea level

4000m ~ 62% of sea level

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