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Rear Anti Roll Bar for a P38 ?


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I've heard that that someone at one stage made a rear anti roll bar kit for the P38. Possibly rimmer brothers, not sure.

Does anyone have one installed ? And if so any pictures ?

Could an ARB from another range rover be made to fit ?



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There were two suppliers that I recall. They both supplied stiffer front bars as well.

WBH Performance of Bourne Lincs.

JE Engineering of Coventry.

WBH closed some years ago, due to the owner reaching retirement age plus.

JE Engineering still exist under changed ownership, as such you can find them on the web, and in magazines, to see if they still have parts for obsolete cars. Whatever they have, it won't be cheap. Normally good quality, and good service, but not cheap.

I have no idea what else might fit, but due to the differential bulge it is probably easier to run the bar across the chassis behind the axle, with arms reaching forward to the axle, rather than running the bar across the axle, and having to curve round the diff. The front bar does the latter, but they weren't making a one off.

With the bar behind the axle the arc of movement is opposite the arc of movement of the axle, so you need links much longer than the front bar to accomodate this difference, and the height changes, and the articulation.

I have no figures for rate, and the actual material makes a difference, but the WBH bar was 22mm in diameter.

You are probably aware the trailing arms are designed to twist along their length, to add the built-in anti-roll function. Adding a spring cross bar between them may look attractive, but any attachments to the arm need careful thought if they aren't to raise local stresses that cause the composite arm to fail. You also have to allow for the propshaft when the axle is on full droop.

Their front bar was the same diameter as standard, to fit the standard mounts, just made of a stiffer spring steel.

The WBH front bar used all the standard mounts, the JE front bar required new mounts welding to the chassis.

Good Luck


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