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electric window woe

sas pinkie

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Hi guys,

Currently visiting a freind in Texas, and he has a problem with a discovery D2 v8i disco. His window goes down, but wont come back up. Its front nearside if that makes a difference, He has asked me to look at it.

He had it happen once before, and apparently it had come off its runner, he had it put back on and it has happened again, any ideas where i should be looking?


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Hi sas. I recently changed out the regulator on my offside front on my D1. It didn't come with a new lifting strip, the rubber lined slot the bottom of the window glass sits in so I reused the old, fairly corroded one.

Few days later, I tried to close it and it just stayed down. I took the door trim off (again!) and found it had come out and the action of repeatedly trying to close it had also bent the (new)reg arms. I was so pleased I invented a few new words.

Took the reg out and 'massaged' the arms straight again then ran a generous bead of bathroom silicone sealant inside the 'tray/slot' of the lifting strip. I then did the same in the rubber liner and carefully sat the window base in the rubber/silicone and waited for the silicone to go off.

So far, several weeks later, it still works fine so I may have cured the problem.

I'm pleased to say the silicone tip was got from this site, as usual, great info from the guys.

Hope this helps, be good if its that easy, eh?!!

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All sorted, it turned out to be where the screws securing the motor in had all but rattled out due to the heat, 102 degrees F today......

This left the motor barely catching the gears, meaning when there was no effort it would just about engage to drop the window, but as soon as it was raised, the effort meant that the motor spun away from the gears, instead of litfing them.....

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