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To Tdi Or To V6/lpg?


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The more I think on it, [+ the more fuel prices rise] the more it seems the V6 lpg idea could be more feasible. A conversion plate, engine mountings, fuel system; there are people selling brand new Ford V6 2.8 engines for ~ a grand.

My questions really are who's put a V6 in their Land Rover, what kind of fuel consumption do they give, [hope it compares favourably with a 200tdi] is it better than V8; is a V6 as good as a tdi for pulling a heavy crate? V8 sounds good for power, although just a touch too juicy, even on lpg.

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I owned a Bronco II once, that had a [2.7 I think] Cologne in that went nicely, although a bit juicily, the only trouble being the transmission wasn't set up for it, everyone who knew them badmouthed the auto box. Heavy, though, you say? Hmm.

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so, does a V8 weigh much less than the 2.5 n/a lump, then I may have to consider a 3.5.

All else being equal, the power of a V8 + the peaceful drive, at a generally lower initial capital price [before lpg] than the 200tdi, possibly makes it worthwhile. As everyone who's got or had one seems to say, it puts the smile on your face :D

The only hassle being that changing the fueling system, then in case of teething trouble, I couldn't simply swap back temporarily while fixing it.

Now that the archives have gone, there's all the questions to answer here, so I may as well put the questions rather than searching other sites:

would I be right in thinking that all Rover V8's could match to a V8 LT77 / are there other manual gearbox options; that I could put a V8 from a rangie [especially] or from a disco in [plus changing the engine mountings, plus a suitable gearbox] without an adaptor plate?

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Go V8.

If you are doing it properly don't bother with a LT77. They are not the strongest. You would need a adapter plate to keep your current gearbox (and modify the bulkhead), as you say a V8 LT77 from a Range Rover will mate up and if you get a "long stick" gearbox from a 1984/85 RR the gearlevers will be in the same place as they are now.

What I would do is either

- Use a 4 speed LT95 from a Range Rover with a overdrive - virtually bombproof.

- Splash out on a 5 speed LT85 (aka the Santana box) as used in the factory V8's.

- Fit a 4 speed auto from a Range Rover - Mark90 is currently doing this and a few others here probably already have.

The noise alone makes it worthwhile. B)

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