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  1. And three... thats how mine is set up, no worries.
  2. Did you like the last issue though? After all, your motor and little lads were in it. All the best
  3. Diesel Dave is the man... my dad takes his RRC and mum's SIIA to him. Sound bloke and very reasonably priced.
  4. I've still got some on the front of my V8 Series 2A. The rears are the Mud Pluggas that Milners do and as the fronts are getting a bit thin thats what they'll be replaced with. They've been on there two years now and it was used daily, and I'm not dead, so they can't be all bad BFG's better offroad..
  5. Can someone clever do a smaller version of the lobster for signatures and stuff?
  6. Put us down for some stickers - will be spreading the word at upcoming AWDC trials as well. All the best Simon if you look at ORRP you have a heap of support there as well.
  7. Sorry to hear this Si but not overly surprised. Shows what b*****s there are out there
  8. JW over on ORRP has done this conversion Rogue on a Lightweight (Streakys??) Nice idea and I'd be tempted for mine if I could find all the bits.
  9. Most bits can be made to fit as said above, but never ever forget a series 2 is cooler B)
  10. Nice one - thanks. Will it make a difference as mine is a earlier one with the short handbrake?
  11. Si, how have you set up the lever, do you use a 90/110 handbrake??
  12. He's right, mine lasted for years on the original box with a 165bhp 3.5 on it. When it eventually went it snapped the layshaft but I still got home ok.
  13. Hi Simon, I'm local and have a 88" 2A running a series gearbox with a V8, be very interested as soon as you have some development models up for sale.
  14. So you have - In a bit of a different tone to your earlier post here.....? Sorry but the praise "Jumping on the band wagon" springs to mind, especially as you declined his offer to sort your problem, which seems to have been a simple misunderstanding.
  15. Wow - glad you are OK though Jules.
  16. He must be a animal then. I've just replaced the V8 in mine for a 1996 unit and apart from modding the bulkhead pretty much entirely re-did the conversion. Any pictures or questions just ask.
  17. If you want something to restore and go to shows in then it's probably ideal - 2 litre Series 2's are not exactly common and its a very early one too. It looks straight enough and pretty original. Pop a ragtop on it, sort the bulkhead and give it a lick of paint and you'd have a nice little weekend toy. If you want a daily driver or something to go laning/playdaying in then you would be much better off with a 2.25 for the reasons stated above.
  18. Harting Down... know it well. Bad luck, and welcome to the countryside.....
  19. Plea for help guys - the engine in my Series is stuffed and I need it back on the road ASAP. I've posted in the classifieds but as it's fairly urgent thought I'd take the mick a bit and ask here too - anyone got a Rover V8 in good working order they want to sell, in the West Sussex area?? Cash and a few tinnies waiting!!
  20. Apologies Paul - my V8 has died so I'm sat at home moping.
  21. looking forward to seeing the pictures David, sounds very interesting!
  22. Hi Paul Living so close this would be rude to miss and we have to keep SIIA's high profile... Email sent chap.
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