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Mud and water proffing a K engine


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HI Folks

Have just got an idea, so a queston pops up, the 1,8 k engine does not look very water and mud prof to me, open plastic cover on the cam belt end, and also not quite water proff in the flywheel end.,

At least not to an extend so it can be submerged in sludge for some hours and survive a 7 days race afterwards without special attention.

Big question is; has anybody any experience in such a thing what can be done and what cant be done?

Kind regards


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The Freelander 1.8 Racer we had was very good in water but having said that it was only every put through water at speed. Not so much wading but its was fantastic at sites like Slab common, Driffield and other notoriously wet comp safari tracks the only addition was the ITG carbon fibre induction kit which was placed up against the bulkhead out of the way. The timing cover is a bit carp as the small rubber seals fall out. The dizzy cap can be a bit iffy all I did was (use Gen part) use some non conducting grease around it to stop any ingress of water. I had my CT freelander float once which as it was in a very fast flowing flood on the A26 and the fields either site were lower than the road, was one of those seat munching moments as it was a tipper lorry’s bow wave washed me off the crown of the road I was two thirds of the way through when the truck entered the flood the tit..

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