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300 tdi fuel level sender

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I need to wire up my fuel level sender, now the harness I have is missing the plug so I need to get hole of it and wire it up, now then which wire goes where on the plug? I have three wires to go in, black and two off different colour, I know which one does what because I have a diagram, but they does not say which hole it goes into on the plug?

Does anyone have an image of such?

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black is earth needs a female bullet typr connectr so it can fit the ridge stud in the middle.

green/black trace is the signal to the gauge needs a 15amp female spade connector to connect to the forward terminal on the tank unit [might have a white plastoc turb around it]

low fuel warning light wire is the remaing wire also needs a 15amp female spade connector & goes on the rear terminal of the tank unit [might have a red plastic turbe around it]

note --- some 300Tdi only have 2 terminals & no low fuel warning light facility on the tank unit/dash warning light panel

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Ok this helps,

Weird thing is, I have 4 pins on the fuel level sender that is in the tank, and the three wires running from the loom, so I need to find the plug and then wire it up in the right spots so when I plug in the loom they hit the correct pins.

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yeah it's weird, as my loom has three wires, can't remember what they are but I know one is an earth.

I have the wiring diagram too but it just does not show where each one goes on the 4 pin connector.

I think on the later models / internationl spec 300 tdi, they are essentially a TD5, but the difference is the engine and then as follows the fuel sender needs to fit a TD5 tank, but just not have the pump in the sender unit. So I reckon they just used to change that bit of the loom, add or delate the extra wire needed for the TD5 fuel pump version.

well thats my theory.

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Best I can find within my LR RAVE info is this, I've written in the wire duty as per a Td5 vehicle, can't find any more info about this connector C113, the diagram is drawn as you look at the front of the connector plug as it fits into it's corresponding socket, so pin 1 is top right.

your 3 existing wires will be as per my first reply.

hope it helps :unsure:


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