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Heated seats

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Hi guys & girls

I've looked through the archive threads and cant find anything about the wiring and switchs for heated seats in a defender everything just refers to the loom and switchs.

I have the seats with a heating element/pad in them.

I would like to use carling switches in a dash pod if possible. (I have the dash pod)

Is there anything else needed?

How do you connect it all together?

Pics would be good, pls only very simple wiring diagrams!!!!!!!!!

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A spagetti diagram 'o' lordy.........

It mentions relays too....

you don't need a relay look at the LGW [light green/white] wire from the fusebox there is no relay between that connection & the switches/heater pads.

just follow the wiring info within the blue outlined box & power from a ignition controlled feed, so the seat heaters are switched off when the ignition is off.

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