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oil coolers.. engine!


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hi chaps.

iv been concidering fitting a bigger engine oil cooler to my 200Tdi..

been looking at some old series coolers but i would think that might cool it to much? as that size of them, if it even is possible to fit them to 200Tdi's?

and does anyone know any poeple that sell eninge oil coolers for 200Tdi's?

cheers sam

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these guys make the Mocal range of oil coolers think automotive plus other makes of oil cooler, I can't see that a bigger oil cooler will make much difference as a Tdi runs fairly cool anyway with the standard cooling systems & it won't let you increase the capacity as the sump won't carry a bigger capacity & the dipstick would read incorrect levels.

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yeah they do. i have no fans on mine, no viscouse or elceccy and it sits at half temp. but i just serviced mine and the oil come dushing out and burnt my hand alittle, i know oil takes alot of the heat out the engine but i tought if you can get some off that heat out the oil then it might run abit better?

cheers sa,

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