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Swivel oil seal (Driveshaft oil seal)

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Hi guys I am looking for the seal which sits inside the swivel ball and sits against the driveshaft (stops oil transfer from axle to swivel grease). Also number 8 in the picture! I have two items in my paddocks basket but I can't find the seals on there!!

PS: I doubt it (Because I can't find it in what they sent me), but is it any of this:

Consists of 2x 606666 Roller Bearing, 1x 571752 Drive Flange Gasket, 1x FTC3401 Swivel Seal, 1x 571755 Swivel Seal Retainer, 1x FRC2883 Shim, 1x FRC2884 Shim, 1x FRC2885 Shim, 1x FRC2886 Shim, 1x FTC3646 Gasket, 1x FRC4206 Gasket, 1x FTC3648 Gasket, 1x FTC3276 Seal, 1x STC3435 Swivel Grease

As I bought the swivel kit (no ball), then realised that my balls were shagged!


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