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Arb Compressor switch

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Hi all

I have an arb high output compressor which has an air pressure cut out switch as they all do set at 100 psi off and a restart when the pressure drops below 70 psi.

Im trying to find the what the max out put of the arb compressor is (without finding out the costly and rather noisey route) :blink:

The reason being im running onboard air from 2 arb highout compressors to a smallish tank rated at 150 psi.

Has anyone pushed arb compressors up to 120/130 psi ??? Do they survive long ??? How hot do they get ???

The next question being does anyone know where you can get the the pressure cut off switches at different ratings? Around the 90psi on / 130psi off

Many thanks

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Matt Savage does pressure switches of varying settings, if not the most good pneumatics suppliers will

As for compressors all depends on how long it takes to fill tank to 150psi and duty cycle of compressors.



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