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Borg Z Auto 4 speed

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Hi all, Now the truck is on the road i've had a chance to test the gearbox out for the first time. Its very smooth and no problem noises but seems to cling to third upto 50mph before changing to 4th. Is this normal or have i got problems with it. I'm going to tow the caravan down south at the end of the month and third sounds expensive in a V8.



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Assuming you have a ZF gearbox then you are probably mistaking the 3rd/4th change for 4th/lock up. It would be normal for the gearbox to lock up at around 50. When the torque convertor locks up you will get a drop in revs as if the gearbox has changed up a gear. If you want to check for sure, try manually shifting into 3rd to see how that compares at 50.

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