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When I bought my TD5 CSW 18 months ago it had horrible rectangular auxilliary lamps fitted beneath the front bumper. These were so vile that I removed them ASAP with the intention of replacing them with nicer lamps in a better place. This weekend I finally got round to doing that. Unfortunately the old lamps must have been for fog because the new ones come on with the side-lights and I'll fail an MOT with driving lamps that do that. So I need to do some minor re-wiring but the search facility hasn't produced the answer I'm looking for.

I want the new lamps to com on whenever main beam is lit. On that basis I assume I should take the feed to the switch from one of the wires going to power main beam on one of the headlamps (the wiring I'm using uses a relay and this is what i've done in the past). Ideally I don't want to run my new wire for further than necessary so can someone point me to a suitable bit of the loom not too far from the dashboard.

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Assuming you have a switch and a relay with fused feed to the lights, you can tap into the thick blue/white wire to the main beam (it may be easier to take it from the dashboard warning light feed wire rather than hack into a cable carrying lots of current) and use that to feed the switch.

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Thanks, as soon as you pointed me in the direction of the main beam warning lamp it was obvious. As a result I've also had to rewire pretty much everything for the aux lamps as once I looked it was quickly obvious that it was dangerous (can't imagine who the previous owner got to do it but pretty sure they paid some cowboy who only had lots of black wire, uninsulated connectors and black tape but failed to insulate where they'd stripped back a live wire to wrap another round it - one of the worst lash ups I've ever seen).

All working safely and properly now and not a moment too soon.

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