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TD5 juddering at 50mph

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I have a 2002 Defender TD5 Dual Cab pickup. Recently, it developed a nasty and prolonged juddering around 50mph (48-52), to the point that it was very difficult to steer.

I already had new bushes, shocks and steering damper on order, so I fitted them to see if they would correct the problem.

The juddering was noticeably less, but still there.

Next, I had the wheels balanced again. (They were balanced a few months back when new tyres were fitted, but I thought it best to double-check). Still a judder.

Next, I had the wheel alignment checked. Okay.

Next, I checked the swivels and bearings. Not only were they fine, but they'd clearly been done fairly recently. (I've had the TD5 for a few months).

I've worked my way down through the steering, and there's no sign of excess play in UJs, slack balljoints, loose bolts etc.

So, what next?

PS After years of 300 TDis, 200 TDis, Turbo Diesels, 2.25 and 2.0 diesels, I now find myself driving what feels like a sports car. I had 600kg of barley in the back the other day plus 2 tonnes of livestock trailer loaded with pigs—and the TD5 still did 50mph uphill. Even better, I was able to listen to the radio! I could get used to this... :D

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So, what next?

Axle propshaft(s) - sliding joints seized / worn, and universal joints seized / worn. Give the shafts a good shake / turn, the problem may be quite subtle.

Even better, I was able to listen to the radio! I could get used to this... :D

Not a proper Landy then <_<

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I've just had a very similar problem. Massive juddering under acceleration around 40-50mph. (Like you I had new CV's and swivels, wheels balanced and all that...)

The symptoms lasted for 3 weeks and then bang! Front diff pinion bearing gave up.

We stripped the front axle and found that yes, the bearing had utterly disintegrated. Diff was quite worn too so we gave the old girl a new one.

All reassembled and now drives as smooth as a baby's bum!

Get underneath and give the propshafts a yank (handbrake off, wheels chocked) - if there's any forwards/backwards movement then your pinion bearings are shot.


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Next, I had the wheels balanced again. (They were balanced a few months back when new tyres were fitted, but I thought it best to double-check). Still a judder.

I kept coming back to the wheel balancing. Aside from having the alignment checked, it was the only job I'd not done myself. The wheels were balanced by a fairly large and reputable company that do 4x4s, 4x4 trucks (Unimogs and the like) and tractors as well as cars. We've used them before and they're usually good.

But I kept thinking, "but I didn't do it myself so how can I be certain?".

So, I took the TD5 to a small tyrefitters and asked them to check the wheel balances. The rears were fine but both front wheels were out of balance, with the right being particularly bad.

The fitter removed the new weights the big outfit had put on, then checked the wheels again. They were better unbalanced!

He then fitted new, smaller weights to correctly balance both wheels. With them back on the TD5, we went out for a test drive and the truck was smooth as silk.

Of course, the big outfit dispute that their work was at fault and I won't be going back to them again.

So, if you have a niggle, pay attention to it.

As for the TD5, with new shocks all round, new bushes all round, a new steering damper, recent swivels and bearings, correct wheel alignment, and properly balanced wheels, it's sweet.

The only problem is that my Other Half has taken off in it for a week's holiday with the children—while I make do with a pushbike! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Anyway, thanks for the help.

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Not a proper Landy then <_<

If we could afford to run two vehicles, I'd have a SWB IIA pick-up with the 2.25 diesel and a canopy over the load bed. Preferably in bronze green and as original as I could get it. I learned to drive in IIAs. My favourite Land Rover. And proper ones!

I'm also fond of 200 TDis.

But the TD5 makes all the tasks I set it seem effortless, so it's actually comfortable for day-to-day use as a crofter's truck and family transport. Although it's bloody weird being able to have a conversation with the Other Half when driving and hearing the boys chime in with "are we there yet?"

I'll let you decide if that's good or bad...

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