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radiator difference 3.5, 3.9

orange rover

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is there a difference in size/coolant efficiency between the 3.9 auto and 3.5 radiator. i know the 3.9 has the trans / engine oil coolers included but i won't be needing those since i have installed after market coolers, but is the 3.9 any better with respect to cooling than the 3.5?



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Sorry, no idea about 3.5>3.9 but on dad's 3.5 we fitted a rad from a 3.5 that had air-con, the rad was noticeably thicker by about 50% extra and it cools really well, even in the mud. If you do this you need the cowling from the new rad or it'll foul the fan if you're using the viscous unit. If you're using electric fans you don't need to worry about it.

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