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Question for Bogmonster


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It isn't a number I recognise off the top of my head, but it may be around somewhere. There aren't many Series vehicles in town these days, most of the survivors are out on the farms and the rest are most likely to be found in the quarry! SWB/LWB, what colour?

Yes the West Store is the main retail outlet in town.


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Ah ok, most of the vehicles that old have long since been scrapped. Thinking about it that number does vaguely ring a bell now, I will keep an eye out, is it a dark green SWB?

The West Store is still there, same place, bit bigger than it was then though!

Don't suppose you recorded it....?

I have just been copying some old videos made by BBC and ITN just after 82 from all the news footage ... brings back a few memories some good as I PMSL at seeing "some very young people" :D some less good.

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