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Suspension Trouble


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Today i am fitting some parts to the disco chassispost-15682-126918737814_thumb.jpg.My question is about torque settings.I am using the torque settings as laid out in the haynes manual.Are the yellow polybush sets tightened to the same values.For instance the front anti roll bar pivot bush looks like it is about to explode.

Also how tight do i tighten the top and bottom shock nuts(do i use thread lock?).post-15682-126918755341_thumb.jpgpost-15682-126918759246_thumb.jpg.

Well i hope this dry spell keeps up because it is nearly time for te engine attachment.


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Guest noggy

if you look at the very top of the shock, you will notice that you can put a spanner, I forget what size, then you can use another spanner to tighten it up. Its the same on the bottom. Thread-lock... well I haven't done on mine, and they haven't come lose yet!

looks a really nice project, what body work are you going to put on the chassis?

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I would use nylock nuts rather than threadlock. When the time comes to undo the nuts, threadlocked nuts will be a bugger to undo, especially when the flats on the top of the shock have corroded away.

Nylocks will undo nicely. But they won't shake loose.

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OK thats good advice about the radius arms etc.When i lifted the engine out it was a good runner as far as i know.The farmer who sold it reckons he never put a spanner to it just the odd service.When i put the engine/gear and transfer box back what service should i do before i but the body on.Can i run the engine without having the body on or is this possible?

Also i have the choice of body's as follows

post-15682-126926104586_thumb.jpgThis is the original but the floor is rotten and it has dents on the two panels behind the front door handle.I think these would be hard to fix.post-15682-126926129138_thumb.jpgpost-15682-126926150458_thumb.jpg

I also have another 3 door with a rotten floor ,but the body is straight which might be a better option.

And just to add more confusion i have a nice clean 4 door body with a blown engine which i could commercialize.

I have to many choices.

What do ye think?

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