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Boost gauge plumbing...


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I've got a boost gauge on the way for my 200tdi and I know how you plumb them in, but where exaclty would you feed the pipe through to get it to the top of the dashboard? Also, would I be better off tapping it straight into the manifold or should I just stick with it next to the actuator?


Cheers guys!

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I feed mine through a hole I drilled next to my Dash. Made a little pod top hold a EGT, Boost and Voltage meter.

The boost pipe came through the passenger side following the Airconditioner pipework.

I would plumb it into the actuator as I tapped mine into the manafold and my VDO Boost guage makes a little noise when my boost dropps. Suspect it is from the pulsing near the pistons as I tried a new guage with the same effect.

Hope that helps


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