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Hissy fit


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Thanks to the improved acoustics on my disco with the large open floor vent I've recently discovered, I've noticed that theres a definte hissing noise when driving along. Obviously its from the shocks but as its been a long time since I last fitted shocks to anything is this normal or is it a sign that they're going to need replacing before the MOT with everything else?

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I have to say, as smooth and quite as engines are, along with the transmission, tyre noise, road noise etc, theres a lot of noise to be had from a disco. Are you sure its the dampers?

If your on your disco are leaking, then I suppose that they could hiss, but I would be surprised if you could hear that when driving. And if they are leaking, then they probably wont be dampening very well, in which case I would have thought that they could fail an MOT (depending on how nice mr MOT man is). Way to check to see if dampers aren't working is to 'bounce' a corner of the disco when it's parked. If the car only bounces once or twice, shocks should be fine, but if the car continues to bounce, shocks probably have had it.

Can you locate roughly where the hissing is coming from? header tank can hiss when it's revealing pressure, a split intake hose could hiss, turbo's gives a little whistle when boosting. Maybe door seals (mine are awful) can allow air noise to come though.

Disco's springs / anti roll bars / bushes / gearbox (basically most parts) can all creek / groan or hiss. Mine makes all sorts of noises.

If you can locate the hiss's source that would probably help you pin point the culprit.

I think that's why Sterio's were standard, so as to drown out all the noises.


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I'm thinking its the shocks as its coming from the huge great hole in the floor right over the shock.

The noise is too gassy to be the spring or anything else mechanical, if that makes sense?

Plus she's always been a bit wollowy, but then rolling it hasnt helped either :)

I'll go and jump up and down on the bumper and see what happens, it'll probably fall off with my luck right now.

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