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Handbrake Adjustment


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There are 2 x 19mm nuts on the end of the cable (gearbox end). To reduce handbrake travel - slacken the outer nut, then undo the inner one until until any slack in the lever/cable is gone. Hand tighten the outer nut and test the handbrake level travel. Once you are happy with the lever travel - tighten the two nuts against each other Keeping the outer nut still).

You mat have the udjuster at the top end of the cable (where it passes through the seat box), in that case - hold the outer cable still and do up the udjusting nut with (I think) 21mm spanner. Awkward as hell though :)


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Dont know if this is the correct way but this is how i did it on my Disco 1.

Chock the wheels

Release the handbrake

In the centre cubby box, lift the lid and undo the 4 phillips screws in the bottom, and remove the black internal plastic .

On the panel with the electric window switches undo the 4 very small phillips screws and pull the panel away , you can unplug all the electric window switches to give you more access.

You will now be able to see the cable comming off the bottom of the handbrake leaver runnind down in to a tube and through the floor, at the top of this tube you will see a black plastic thumb nut about 40mm in diameter with a clip on top of it, turn this clockwise one turn and try youre hand brake leaver, keep adjusting by one turn until the desired pull is achieved.

Reassemble, jobs a good'n :rolleyes:

This is of course assuming that the hanbrake shoes are not worn out! :blink:


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